CHI Flat Irons Which one is best for you?

CHI Flat Irons Which one is best for you?

CHI is truly an innovative brand known in the beauty industry to produce some of the most sought after flat iron on the planet, and it seems that absolutely everyone has been told to buy one. But there are so many CHI out there; CHI Original, CHI Turbo, CHI Pink, CHI Nano ... which CHI is right for you?

The similarities:

In addition to all being amazing flat iron, they share some common features like:

1inch curved tiles for straight and curly styles

Ceramic, Ionic and Far infrared technology to smooth the hair nail band and create smooth, shiny hair without damage

Flash heat for fast heating times

Quick recovery time this eliminates harmful hot spots that can damage your hair

So you know at least what CHI you choose, you get an absolute power plant dedicated to smoothing your hair with any snapfree glide, but read on to find out what each CHI is known for ...

CHI Original 1inch flat iron

Product Image Image: This professional saloon model is a best seller with good reason ... its amazing. Part of CHIs original collection of flat iron, this versatile styling tool features an ergonomic design and curved edge tiles to create any style from straight to curly and everything in between. With a flashheating element and a fixed temperature setting, the power to create your dreams is your hands, and with ceramic, ionic infrared technology, frizz is nowhere to be found.

The main difference: fixed temperature it gives the exact amount of heat every time, and everyone loves this iron.

CHI Pink 1inch dazzling ceramic plate iron

You get the professional CHI Original Ceramic 1inch Flat Iron, you guessed it ROS! With its ergonomic design and curved edge plates you will straighten and curl all the time. Plus, Farouk Systems will donate a portion of all sales from October to December of this limited edition of pink flat iron to support national breast cancer awareness. Its a good thing and a good tool.

Why I Love It: Its a Limited Iron Same as CHI Original but part of all sales at certain times of the year goes in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness. Whats not to love?

CHI Turbo 1inch ceramic plate iron

Turn on the turbo and get a good style with CHI Turbo 1inch flat iron. Ceramic, jonteknik seals in the natural moisture and shine of the hair by smoothing the hair, giving a healthy static free luster. Variable temperature settings from 175 to 356 degrees F allow you to control the amount of mild, far infrared heat that you stole. Negative ion activity straightens your hair to make it smooth and smooth, and the curved edge plates allow you to lull and wave as well.

Whats so special? Variable temperature setting you control the amount of heat your hair needs perfect if you can not use your iron in the hottest setting. In addition, I think Turbo seizes the hair much better than the original model. This is important if your hair is a little hard to straighten out.

Bonus points: Fill heat protection on the outside of the iron.

CHI Nano Ceramic 1inch Plate Iron

Product Image: If you are looking for the latest technology, look for CHI Nano 1inch ceramic plate iron. This ceramic ionic professional device includes flash heating for less than 10 seconds, curved edges for curvature and straightening, and a temperature setting of 302356 degrees F. Innovative Nano Silver Technology in the iron eliminates bacteria, giving a bacteriafree environment every time you use it. Talk about innovation! CHI stones.

Why its a Best Sellers: Nano Silver Technology eliminates bacteria on the iron. Its cool. Very cool.

CHI Nano Digital 1inch ceramic plate iron

Product Snapshot: With the latest technology for Nano Silver Technology and Digital Control, this CHI Nano Digital 1inch Flat Iron is your newest best friend. Packaged with innovative technologies, including Nano Silver Technology, which eliminates bacteria on the device, creates a bacteriafree environment every time you use it. This ceramic ionic professional device has flash heating, long lasting infrared heat and curved tiles to create straight styles, flips and curls.

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